Arrival Procedures

Mascoutah is committed to providing a safe and enjoyable learning environment. This information highlights procedures that will allow us to provide maximum safety for students as they arrive to and leave from school daily. We recognize the importance of the school and community working together and request that you read this information carefully and share this information with others that will drop off and pick up your children. Adherence to these procedures and to the staffs’ directions is required of all MES students and families.


Students not in their seats at 8:25am will be tardy.

Designated doors are unlocked at 8:00am for students to enter. Please do not drop off before 8:00am. MES Extended Time Before-School Care, a tuition-based childcare program, is available for those needing an earlier drop off (7:00am-8:00am). Please see the office for registration information. All students arriving after 8:25am must enter through the front doors and be signed in at the office by a parent. Parents and visitors must enter through the main front doors.


Only students who walk or ride their bikes may enter the building through the back DOOR #10 & DOOR#22. DO NOT drop students off in the back lot off Poplar St.This parking lot is reserved for staff, Before-School Care and Special Education busing. Most importantly, students that bike and walk to school pass through the back lot each morning. Our priority must be placed on making students' arrival as safe as possible and, to do so, we must reduce the amount of unnecessary traffic in the back lot. Safety is a shared responsibility, so please drop off in the front drive only.


Buses for all students will enter the busing lane (behind the school) from the south and pull to the north. Three buses at a time will unload students. The students will walk together into the building through a designated door. No cars are permitted in the bus lane at any time.


All students will be dropped off in the FRONT circle drive only. Drivers will line up single file in the CARPOOL LANE (the RIGHT SIDE) to drop off car riders in the morning. Please pull all the way forward in the yellow zone as far as you can. Please follow staffs’ directions. Students must exit the car on the RIGHT side only, away from merging traffic. Parents will remain in their cars and should be prepared to move quickly once students exit the car. Depending on how far a parent is asked to pull up in the carpool lane, a student may enter the building at DOOR #7 or the front DOOR #1. Staff supervision is provided in the carpool lane and throughout the building to help with the arrival process.


Parking is limited so please be patient. We strongly encourage using the carpool option. If you need to park to help your child from the car, hug them good-bye, etc., please pull to the LEFT SIDE of the front circle. Pull forward to one of the farthest available parking spots. Students must exit the car on the LEFT side only, away from merging traffic. Parents must walk with the child on the sidewalk to the marked crosswalk located across from DOOR #7 or the front DOOR #1 and deliver the child safely to the sidewalk in front of school. Parents will use the crosswalk to return to the car and wait patiently to pull away using the middle merge lane. Parents may walk children to their classroom during the first week of school. After the first week, students will walk to class on their own.