Contact the school district if you have questions or comments regarding the Illinois Report Cards. The district office may be reached at 618.566.7414 between the hours of 8:00am and 4:00pm.

The Illinois Report Card paints a complete picture of the learning environment at every school in Illinois, providing information about academic performance, the school environment, available courses, and programs.

The new report card, accessible at Illinois Report Card, includes both an Online Report Card that offers an in-depth view of school- and district-level information as well as an At-a-Glance Report Card that provides a simple, one-page, printable view of a school or district's most important information.

Also available are links to the schools via Illinois Report Card. Report cards prior to 2013 are available as PDFs.

Current Mascoutah School Report Cards

2012-2017 Mascoutah District Report Cards

2002-2012 District Report Cards