Do The Right Thing

Ella McDonnell

Ella stood up for a student who was being pushed to the ground. She told the bully that it wasn't right to hurt people and she wasn't going to stand there and watch it happen. Ella often notifies a teacher when she sees something that's not appropriate.
Ella McDonnell

Chloe Millett

Every day at lunch recess, Chloe goes out of her way to find a special needs, autistic child. She says hi to her, she spends at least half of her recess playing with her with hula hoops, jump ropes, monkey bars, rings, running, dancing and cheering. When she talks to the special needs girl she bends down to her level, speaks clearly and is extremely patient with her. When the whistle blows at the end of the recess, Chloe always gives the girl a big hug before she goes and tells her that she will find her tomorrow.  

Even on days when Chloe has promised her 2nd grade friends she will play with them, she makes it a point to find the girl and tell her, "I'm sorry but I promised my second grade friends I would play with them today. I'll find you tomorrow to play." And she always does!

Chloe has been doing this for the whole school year and now is introducing her friends to the special needs girl to get more kids playing with her. Chloe has such a good heart and is a great example of kindness to others.
Chloe Millett

Chase Farrell

Chase is a 3rd grader in our large elementary school. He has gone out of his way to become friends with another 3rd grade girl, in a different classroom, who is disabled and wheelchair bound. She has an individual care aide that takes care of her throughout the day including feeding her. Chaise sits and eats lunch at her table with her and her aide most days. He makes conversation with her, even though her communication skills are very limited.  He makes sure to say hello to her anytime they pass in the hallway. He has asked for her email address so he can keep in contact with her through email when they aren't at school.  

Chase doesn't know it but the kind and heartwarming gestures that he shows to this special needs girl is the highlight of her day and is what makes her want to come to school each day. Chase alone makes her so happy!

Chase is an all around kind-hearted boy who puts the needs of others before his own. He is a great example for his peers of how we can become friends with someone so different from us.

Chase Farrell 

Sydnie Simmons
During our Pennies for Patients drive (for the Luekemia and Lymphoma Society), Mrs. Petersen's class collected pennies and dollars. Sydnie took it upon herself to call family and friends to ask for donations. She took the initiative and  went door to door in her neighborhood asking for donations. Her own personal total was $300! Sydnie's family said that these charities are near and dear to their heart and they have been personally affected. Hats off to Sydnie Simmons because she knows how to Do The Right Thing!

Sidney Simmons Does the Right Thing  Sydnie Simmons--Do the Right Thing Award

Matthew Evans

Mascoutah Elementary School's Matthew Evans was honored by KMOV Channel 4 for doing the right thing. Matthew is a 5th grader in Mrs. Loden's class; his family had vacationed in Gatlinburg, TN and really liked the area. When the terrible fires happened in Gatlingburg last December, Matthew decided to donate his birthday money, $200.00, to help the families affected by those fires. Since it was close to Christmas time, he also collected toys to be sent to children in Gatlinburg.  

Matthew was among the Top 10 Do the Right Thing winners for the month of January. 
MES is extremely proud of Matthew and the example he sets for all of us to have open and generous hearts for those in need. 

Matthew with Mrs. Loden   Matthew with Certificate  Matthew with Ronald McDonald

Autumn Fricke
Autumn Fricke knows how to do the right thing. She exemplifies responsibility, cares for her siblings at home and walks them to school each morning regardless of weather. She is an all around sweet girl who is kind to everyone. Congratulations, Autumn, for being recognized as a "Do the Right Thing" student. 

Award at the Courthouse

AutumnAutumn and teacher, Mr. Veath
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