Arrival Procedures


Bus Riders-Buses will enter the bus lane from the south and pull to the north. Three buses at a time will unload students. The students will walk together into the building at a designated door. PreK buses will pull to the north side of the building and load and unload on Harnett. NO cars are permitted in the bus lane at any time. 

Carpool–To drop off car riders in the morning, please proceed to the CARPOOL LANE (RIGHT SIDE) in the front circle drive only. PLEASE PULL FORWARD in the yellow zone as far as you can. Staff members will be outside to direct you were to pull. Students will exit the car on the passenger side ONLY, away from traffic. Parents are asked to remain in their cars and be prepared to move quickly when students exit the car. Depending on how far a parent is asked to pull up in the carpool lane, a student may enter the building near the 5th Grade hallway at Door #7 and walk through the building to their designated location or through the front door. Staff supervision will be provided in the carpool lane and throughout the building to help with the arrival process. 
The back lots are for Faculty and Before School Care parking.  Also, students that bike and walk to school pass through the back lot each morning. Our priority must be placed on making student’s arrival as safe as possible and to do so we must reduce the amount of unnecessary traffic in the back lots. Safety is a shared responsibility, please do not drop off in the back lots.

Students walked in by parents-If you would like to park, help your child from the car, hug them good-bye, etc. please pull to the left side of the front circle lane. Park in the farthest available parking spots. Students in this lane need to exit the car on the curbside only (LEFT), away from traffic. Parents then must walk with the child on the sidewalk to the crosswalk located across from Door #7 or the Front Door #1 and deliver the child safely to the sidewalk in front of school. The parent then must again cross at the crosswalk, find their car and wait patiently to pull away using the middle exit lane. Parents may walk children to class during the first week of school. After the first week, students will walk to class on their own. 

Walkers and Bike Riders (unescorted)- Students in K-2 will use the bike rack near the primary playground and along with any walkers will enter the back of the building through Door #22.  Students in grade 3-5 will use the bike rack near Door #10 and along with any walkers enter the back of the building through Door #10. 



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